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Monday, 10 May 2021 00:00

International Children Festival - Magic world in Šibenik

Truth or dare?! Take a walk around Šibenik in search of at least one person who hasn't been involved in any program of the International Children's Festival once their life no matter how old they are. In short, it might take more time than you think! Why is that so? Simply because the citizens of Šibenik coexist with the Festival for more than half a century. 61 years, to be exact.


Established in 1958, the International Children's Festival soon became part of everyday life of Šibenik residents as well as their guests for two summer weeks, the last week in June and the first week in July.  ICF celebrates children's creativity and imagination, it makes Šibenik the centre of children's world. It turns the Old Town into a huge playground interesting for children from all over the world who can express themselves in any art form they like, whether they prefer drama, film, painting, music or literature. That's why ICF rightfully stands for numerous workshops, performances, puppet shows, on outdoor and indoor stages.

ICF, supported by UNICEF, consists of musicians, filmmakers, theatre actors and other artists from all over the world giving their best to make another unforgettable annual program, to give children a reason to believe in magic, in art… 

This year's edition begins on June 19th with the opening ceremony at a well-known summer stage in front of the Cathedral of St. Jacob and Town Hall followed by fireworks. For two weeks children will be able to choose between more than thirty workshops, theatre plays by ensembles from Croatia (Zagreb, Rijeka, Zadar, Split…) and guests from all around world. There will be programs on the streets and squares, as well as a 'Night program' usually reserved for parents. 

International Children Festival will take place until July 3th, so you’ll have plenty of time to discover why this festival makes you feel like a child again. Check it out! 

Tickets for programs on the summer stage and in the theatre will be available at the box office in the Croatian National Theatre in Šibenik and on the Internet site https://www.mdf-sibenik.com/.

There are no reservations for tickets. The box office is open from 10 am to 12 am, and from 6 pm – 8 pm. The price for performances in the theatre is 25 HRK and for the summer stage 20 HRK.


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