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Thursday, 16 April 2015 00:00

Prince of the Belgians and EGS – our guests in Šibenik

The modern knight's tale was written in Šibenik. Šibenik and Croatia have been hosts of representatives of Historic Marksmen from all over the Europe known as European Society of Historic Marksmen's Guilds (EGS) in organization mostly by our agency Šibenik Plus.

Šibenik, home of the oldest Croatian Marksmen's guilds – Šibenik city guard, welcomed prince of the Belgians Charles – Louis von Merode as the president of EGS and as prior of The Knighthood of the St. Sebastian which gathers around two millions of members from the rest of the Europe, at the Plenary Assembly.

Solemn march on the Šibenik promenade to St.James Cathedral 

Running into soldiers of the past times on the streets of Šibenik was like a few minute long journey to the past. Around hundred and fifty members of different Guilds came to king Petar Krešimir's town of Šibenik to salut new seven inaugurated members of the Order.  The inauguration ceremony took place at  spectacular Saint James's cathedral right after the holy mass was held. One of the new members of the Order whose aim and motto is 'for God, for a united Christian Europe, for life', is member of Šibenik city guard, Siniša Burić, now European knight. 


St. James Cathedral - Investiture of new Knights in The Knighthood of the St. Sebastian

Not only the European knights were thrilled by beautiful Old Town, Adriatic sea or The National park Krka and by citizens of Šibenik, but locals and tourists were fascinated with all those uniformed men whose appeareance on the cobbledstone streets, among stone walls was a picture everyone wanted to have. Running into soldiers of the past times on the streets of Šibenik was like a few minute long journey to the past one always imagined as a child but never tought it will came true some day. 



Prince von Merode with organizers, Tina Vickov (owner of Šibenik Plus) and Marion Stimmel-Schreiber (EGS,Germany)

Hospitality of our town is something to talk about 'cos while staying in Šibenik, Prince of the Belgians freely walked the streets of town with no bodyguards around him. Prince simply was one of the passers-by wearing the black and orange cap in special occasions during EGS's  three-day stay in Šibenik as way of showing his favor to town, its inhabitants and our history our fathers left to us. Black and orange cap is traditional cap of Šibenik.


THREE DAYS PROGRAMME – from official to relaxing part 

More relaxing and informal part of programme

Except ceremonial part and official duties, our guests enjoyed in our thematic sightseeing tours, in the beautiful nature of The National park Krka and this exceptional part of Croatia.

Although they were surely tired because of busy schedule, they didn't miss dancing until the early morning hours at the dinner on the first day of their visit.

National park Krka

Second they after Plenary Assembly it the City Hall, we had a relaxing trip to the National park Krka, where our guests enjoyed in the beautiful nature of the one of the the most beautiful national parks in Croatia.

Third day we organized a trip to Trogir and Split, while His Royalty, Prince Charles-Louis von Merode, decided to visit Međugorje, a Croatian shrine, famous to Christian pilgrims all around the world.


That was the first time ever that European Society of Historic Marksmen's Guilds have had Plenary Assembly in Croatia but not the last due to Croatian Society of Historic Marksmen's Guilds, as one of the organizers of this years's Assembly, announced even bigger event with over 15 thousand members of Historic Marksmen's Guilds from all over Europe and once again they'll gather in Šibenik, the oldest Croatian royal town on the Adriatic sea. 


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