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News from Šibenik Region

News from Šibenik Region

Wednesday, 19 March 2014 00:00

Šibenik - festival city

Šibenik is one of the best cities in Europe once it comes to summer music festivals. The home of events such as Terraneo and Salsa Beach Festival, it is a prime destination to anyone craving for some good sounds. And it is getting better. Producer Mate Skugor and Zedno Uho company are well-known names on Croatian party scene. They stand behind Terraneo’s first edition, and numerous other events of similar renown. They recently confirmed that… SEE DETAILS
The Channel of St. Ante in Šibenik is one of the most beautiful and fascinanting coastal entrances into the town. It's not a rare motive in the beautiful photos from Šibenik and from the Adriatic. The channel of St. Ante, which includes the area from the Šibenik bridge to the end of the channel and the fortress of St. Nikola, is more than 2000m long. The whole site was pronounced a protected area in 1974. … SEE DETAILS
Saturday, 12 October 2013 14:53

Šibenik won Tourism Oscar

Juraj Dalmatinac (Giorgio da Sebenico) strolls the streets of Šibenik again In this new virtual time where people always have their phones and tablets in hand, an innovative new application for tourists has appeared. This project was developed by Croatian innovators from Momentum Studio and DSP Studio. The owner of the idea was Matija Bumbak from Šibenik. This virtual 3D application won first place in the prestigious world competition in tourism "Ulysses" in the category… SEE DETAILS
Saturday, 09 November 2013 00:00

Springs of the Cetina river - hidden treasure

There are many national parks in Croatia, one more beautiful than the other. There are two in the Šibenik region – the Krka waterfalls and the Kornati islands. A lot of advertising has been done and buses and boats full of tourists visit them. But not this one – Vrela Cetine – The Springs of the Cetina river. Not many tourists come in the spring season, but it is a place worthwhile visiting. One thing… SEE DETAILS
Must be there... "BURNUM IDES" will be held at the Burnum Amphitheatre in Ivoševci on Wednesday 13 August beginning at 9:00 pm. The date of the Ides was originally the date of the full moon, when the Romans organised their festivities. Programme: traditio - antic games, gladiator games, belly dancers and Roman legionnaires. ENTRANCE FREE Free bus transportation Departure: Šibenik 19:30 - Skradin 20:00 / Knin 19:30 - Drniš 20:00 Return: 23:00 Notice: Tourist Punkt… SEE DETAILS
Citizens of Šibenik like to say 'there’s no place on Earth like Šibenik!' Surely, you've heard that before, with another name at the end of the sentence, but when you hear it from a Šibenik resident or from someone who saw it at least once – you'd better believe it! Especially these days, when we're enjoying the view from recently renovated St. Michael's fortress. Built on a hill, centuries ago, between the sky and the… SEE DETAILS
Thursday, 18 September 2014 08:19

Šibenik as Braavo from Game of Thrones

Mid September the film crew of one of the most popular TV series in the world, produced by HBO from America and Croatian production company Embassy Films – Game of Thrones – moved to Šibenik. After Dubrovnik and Split, as well as different cities in Ireland and Spain, the series' producers chose to film in Šibenik. The old city centre thus started to resemble one of the cities from famous literary/TV series – the city… SEE DETAILS
The modern knight's tale was written in Šibenik. Šibenik and Croatia have been hosts of representatives of Historic Marksmen from all over the Europe known as European Society of Historic Marksmen's Guilds (EGS) in organization mostly by our agency Šibenik Plus. Šibenik, home of the oldest Croatian Marksmen's guilds – Šibenik city guard, welcomed prince of the Belgians Charles – Louis von Merode as the president of EGS and as prior of The Knighthood of… SEE DETAILS

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