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We are very proud on ur gastronomy. It is based on the tradition of natural and healthy Mediterranean food that is rich with vegetables, olive oil, fish, shells, wine, goat and sheep cheese, citrus fruit, marasca cherries, grapes, figs and almonds.

Our cuisine is known for the way the food is prepared, and nutritionists consider it to be extremely healthy. The vegetable is cooked in small amounts of water and spiced with olive oil and herbs such as rosemary, sage, basil and marjoram.

The fish is prepared "al brodetto" (fish stew), boiled or grilled, while meat made under a baking lid has a unique flavor. Different kinds of cheese, such as smoked, young (this year’s cheese) or oiled one are served as appetizers with prosciutto ham and olives. Even though it is recommended to take fresh or dry fruit for desert there are also all kinds of pastries made from fruit and different kinds of nuts.

And of course, one thing you cannot avoid whether eating salty or sweet food is a quality Croatian wine. 

Among traditional meals prepared in Dalmatia the first place belongs to the fish prepared on grill, al brodetto or boiled but also to those salted or marinated. The most common spices are laurel, garlic and olive oil. One of the most common meal is Octopus under baking lid ('peka'). Shells and crabs are made in a stewed savory way, while a Dalmatian meat specialty is 'pašticada' with gnocchi. Typical Dalmatian pastries are 'fritule' (plain dark-flour fritters) and 'rožata' (caramel pudding).

In a country renowned for its diversity of culinary culture, the Šibenik region offers a wealth of gastronomic attractions. As well as the best of Adriatic cuisine, there is a profusion of distinctive local delicacies too.  

We'll  give you a list of good restaurants, wines, dishes... Keep follow us !!! 

  Tavern Pelgrini in Šibenik - fusion of innovation and tradition, one of the four best restaurants in Croatia 


Buzara | This is a typical Dalmatian specialty, and the more if you like fish because the dish contents scamps, softly cooked in sauce of tomatoes, onion and lovely mediterranaen spices. It's fantastic! 

Dalmatinski prsut | Smoked Dalmation pork, take one from Drniš -Miljevci. That one is the most famous and tasteful.

Kruh | Frequently baked fresh bread. The best one is made under lid (kruh ispod peke). You can taste it if you eat in some typical dalmatian tavern.

Manistra | Approximately the same as it Italian minestrone. Prepare with pod fruit and vegetables.

Sarma | Leaves of cabbage with meat and spices.

Oysters | Eaten raw with a little lemon. 

Palačinka | The most known Croatian dessert . Double pancake with jam, melted chocolate or rampart note. 

Paški sir | Sheep cheese. In 2014. Croatian cheese "Gligora" won first award among cheeses of the world in the USA contest.

Pašticada | Stewed beef.

Hobotnica ispod peke | Octopus under lid, prepared with potatoes, onion and some wine... 

Rižot | A delicious rice dish similar with risotto, prepared with mussels and other sea fruit. 

Rožata | Dalmatian dessert, seams like cream caramel, made of eggs and sugar. 

 simple but warm ambiance of Dalmatian tavern "Konoba Vinko"


Main meals are eaten in a restoran (restaurant) or a konoba (tavern). Dalmatian tavern is typical for this area and it's owned by Dalmatian families where all generation members are employed.

It has folksy decor, warm and traditional ambiance and essentially serves the same range of food: octopus under lid, lamb and pork, prosciutto with cheese, bread under lid. But everything is so smelly and delicious...

A gostiona (inn) is a more rough-and-ready version of a restoran.

For Croatians the most important meal of the day is lunch (ručak) rather than dinner (večera), although restaurants are accustomed to foreigners who eat lightly at lunchtime and more copiously in the evening, and offer a full range of food throughout the day.











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