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Things to do and see in Šibenik

Šibenik Plus Local (Insider) Guide is about finding those cool and cozy spots that locals' like to hang out at and missing the tourist traps. We have built this awesome web site and a where the travel tips are being created by locals who want to give you very precious and hidden information about their hometown and homeland.

So, keep following us. Some 'things to do' from our list are 'must see' things you can find in the tourist brochures and catalogues about Šibenik region, but lot of them you'll find only here.


You want to see Šibenik face to face and experience something special and memorable - no problem! Every city has its public and its hidden face. This public side is accessible to all the tourists in the beautiful pictures of city fortress, medieval palaces and unique cathedral of St. James. Its hidden side is open only to explorers who are willing to take a peek into the history, stories and legends... and they are endless in Šibenik.


 1.Cathedral of St. James

Even if you want to avoid it, its  turret will follow you on every corner and on every photo you make - to the sea, from the waterfront, from one of the city fortresses. You will pass by Cathedral in any direction going through the old town. People from Šibenik were building it for a whole century - from the 1431. to 1536. - and even longer their desired to build it. They were not afraid of the cost of its construction or the most modern and previously untested structural idea of its builder George Dalmatian (Juraj Dalmatinac). Thanks so these architectural solutions Šibenik's Cathedral became a World heritage under UNESCO protection. On its outer walls don't forget to look 71 stone portrait of the apses and these portraits will tell you many stories about Šibenik...


2.Šibenik The old core

Once upon time Šibenik was fortress on a hill that has been watched over the mouth of Krka's tight and the sea channel. But very soon, under the fortress of St. Michael in the way to the east and west, some new residents came and the city was born. The oldest street in Šibenik is George Dalmatian street ( Ulica Jurja Dalmatinca) where he lived – Cathedral builder, which is evident in his coat of arms on one of the stone houses. With new houses new, the city expanded and in the same time defense walls, water supply systems (Square four wells), churches and monasteries raised. Šibenik is grown in the most populous medieval Dalmatian town whit 12 thousand inhabitants. Šibenik preserved all built during that time - not as a museum or movie scenes but alive town with its residents.

Did you know? Šibenik has the biggest old city core in whole Croatia!


3.Šibenik Four fortress

Medieval Šibenik ensured security to its habitants with city walls and four fortress - oldest of St. Michael (Sveti Mihovil), then St. Nicholas (Sveti Nikola) which was built on an island at the entrance to the sea channel, then St. John  (Sveti Ivan) and Barone. 

Each of them has its own story. Saint Michael gave the Šibenik its patron, St. Nicholas was built in 1544th and it kept the marine approach where the city never threatened. Sveti Ivan (St. John) and  Barone were built for only three months have still have proved impregnable for the Turkish Pasha Halil Bey who was in 1646th year in Šibenik trying to beat with 4,000 troops.


4.The soul of old Šibenik-Dolac 

Dolac is the most charming and the oldest part of Šibenik. There is everything as it once was: a stone cliff houses that were established several centuries ago, a double defense wall that connects the fortress of St. Michael with the sea. Small boats tied to the shore and ready at any moment to go to fishing or to the nearby vineyard. This is an ideal place for the end of a day and enjoying the sunset in one of the numerous cafes. In Dolac seems like time has stopped...


5. City beach Banj

Just three years ago Šibenik citizens made their wish come true and they got the real city beach. Few minute walking from St. James Cathedral, through Dolac and you are there, ready to swim or have sun...Today Banj is place of enjoyment and fun for all ages both summer and winter as day and night. With unique view of the Cathedral, the old town and the night lights bathing on the Banj beach remains in a long memory...


6. Traditional swimming destination - Jadrija

At the beginning of the last century Jadrija was swimming zone for local people. In the seventies it has grown into a cottage settlement and today it is a Šibenik summer oasis! Although you can  reach Jadrija by car or bus locals still prefer to come there with a boat. 

For a few minutes from the city's waterfront with regular summer ferry lines you will arrive at, all until recently, only Šibenik's beach! And on it, you can enjoy as they enjoyed the beach and lived in ancient times: with a colorful cab, canopy of pines, players and bowling charts and ships leaving or entering the port of Šibenik...


 7. Canal of St. Anthony – fantastic walking path

Until recently, this place was "terra inkognita“- unknown country and for the citizens of Šibenik. When the 4.5 km of promenade was arranged last year, even people from Šibenik were surprised by the beauty of the landscape and the sea that stretches in all directions-towards the islands, in, Sibenik, Krka. If you prefer history of natural beauty visit the chapel of St. Anthony, located in a cave in which the medieval hermits lived saint Anthony. And just below the cave – „Hitler's eyes“ that Sibenik's called a tunnel in the rock, "souvenir" of short-term German occupation in World War II ...


8. International Children's Festival

For more than half century Šibenik jealously keeps its oldest and most colorful festival - dedicated to children. 

At the beginning of each summer, when the last school bell tolls we raised the festival flag on the most interesting main square between the Cathedral and City hall and in that moment begins the most beautiful season in Sibenik. 

If you book a time to visit Šibenik Riviera, you have no choice - or bring the kids or you become a child.



 9. Klapa song - Dalmatian capella

 Šibenik has been for a long time a synonymous  for the song and especially those kind of dalmatian capella – Klapa song. I think there are no resident in Šibenik not gifted with singing skills. One of the most famous Croatian singers and musicians came from Šibenik, Vice Vukov, Mišo Kovač, Arsen Dedić, Maksim Mrvica... When we talk about Klapa song, talents in the past were much more proud of the men competing singing in vocal groups. Klapa Šibenik for a long time has gave to Šibenik a status of the most melodious Dalmatian city with the most beautiful male voices. Today, more and more of their singing skills shown by the fairer half of the inhabitants of Šibenik. Often have only their female singing but acting equally in mixed vocal groups because harmony singing became a hit all over the Croatian and out of it.

It is so popular that in Šibenik is preparing a material for building the first Museum of Folk Songs. During the summer Klapa song or Dalmatian capella you can track every week at one of the most beautiful squares in Šibenik - at the Church of St. John – Mala loža.


 Photo: Slobodna Dalmacija

 10. Dalmatian Taverns and Traditional breakfast „marenda“

IN the city of farmers and fishermen as Šibenik was until the last half-century taverns were an indispensable part of every home.
In the taverns we kept the wine, kept oil, dry meat, storage food supplies and household tools without which it could not be imagined a worker's life.

But the taverns were the heart of social life - in them or in front of them locals gathered at the tasting and they had a sale of surplus wine or oil, almonds. And where there is wine there is the "ćakula" (small talks) and a tasty bite of it is a fetish of ham or salted sardine-perhaps only dried figs.

The old Sibenik's until recently branches of juniper, pine and olive trees that marked the wine "poured" into the tavern. Taverns are now lost its old role-but have taken on a new - renovated in modern catering facilities they often offer traditional Mediterranean cuisine and a good script and performed by local choirs.Traditional dalmatian breakfast named "marenda" you can still taste and enjoy in Šibenik old core in the street Nove crkve, better known among locals like Masna ulica. 







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