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Saturday, 09 November 2013 00:00

Springs of the Cetina river - hidden treasure

There are many national parks in Croatia, one more beautiful than the other. There are two in the Šibenik region – the Krka waterfalls and the Kornati islands. A lot of advertising has been done and buses and boats full of tourists visit them. But not this one – Vrela Cetine – The Springs of the Cetina river. Not many tourists come in the spring season, but it is a place worthwhile visiting.

One thing is for sure: you will be impressed by the beauty of the spring and the crystal clear water. You'll never see water more clear  than here. This is the reason why we want to share this story with  you.

 The Cetina river emerges on the surface at the south east part of Dinara Mountain near Cetina village at the altitude of 395m. The Cetina is one of the 4 most beautiful Croatian rivers. It is 105km long, flows through deep canyons and goes into the Adriatic Sea in the city of Omis.

Vrela Cetine cover an area of almost 30ha and have been protected since 1971 as the hydrogeological  heritage of nature. No acts that threaten its features and values are permitted in this area. There are several springs here. At the given coordinates you will find one of the most beautiful springs of the Cetina river.

Its source is really amazing. It is easily described as a huge, 100m deep, perpendicular chasm filled with crystal clear water.
Full strength of the river is coming out of it. To visit the source of the Cetina turn from  Knin-Split main road at Civljane village, where signs point ‘Cetina’.

When you come there please preserve nature, do not enter the water and do not throw stones into the water.

The old Church of St. Salvation (Svetog Spasa) is located near the springs. It is one of the best preserved old churches in Croatia.


“Public institution for management of protected areas in Sibenik - Knin County”  approved of this earthcache and preserves  this beautiful location.


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