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Mid September the film crew of one of the most popular TV series in the world, produced by HBO from America and Croatian production company Embassy Films – Game of Thrones – moved to Šibenik. After Dubrovnik and Split, as well as different cities in Ireland and Spain, the series' producers chose to film in Šibenik.

The old city centre thus started to resemble one of the cities from famous literary/TV series – the city of Braavos. Scenes filmed in Šibenik will be broadcast in the fifth season, or even the sixth, as some of the fans presume.

While the fans on forums speculate on which „role“ the city might play, and the producers refuse to say a word about it, royal city of Šibenik (named after Croatian king Petar Krešimir IV whose statue is located at the entrance to the garden of Robert Visiani) got another opportunity to look and feel - royal.

Some of the filming locations in the historical centre are The Square of the Republic of Croatia, surrounded by historical edifices such as The Cathedral of St. James (UNESCO World Heritage Site which will host the wedding scenes, an event important in the fifth season), City Hall and the palace Pelegrini-Tambača, all became a part of the city of Braavos.

Even before this renaissance city square started to resemble this imaginary city adored by numerous fans all over the world and inhabited by Braavosi (i.e. characters such as, to name just a few from the last, fourth season, king Stannis Baratheon, Davos Seaworth, Salladhor Saan, Arya Stark...) the St. John’s fortress overlooking the rest of the city and the islands, already hosted a set from the series.

Interestingly enough, Braavosi are just like residents of Šibenik, skilful seafarers and swordsmen, therefore we can easily imagine the giant statue of the Titan of Braavos at the entrance of the St. Anthony channel guarding the city and its residents. 

But it is not only the ancient stone walls, the palaces, narrow streets and the magnificent cathedral with the accompanying  St. John fortress that help create the popular kingdom. Many locals got a role as extras, and we should also mention that even the city's mayor and the vice-mayor  applied for casting.

Filming crew on the square of St.James Cathedral (Photo: Mira Schwyter from the window of her apartment)


One of the interesting facts regarding Šibenik and Game of Thrones is that the city's patron saint St. Michael, depicted in art history with a sword in his hand and a dragon under his feet, is a dragon slayer. This would surely not appeal to one of the series' main characters, the Mother of Dragons known as Daenerys Targaryen ili Khalees, played by Emilia Clarke.

In any case, Šibenik and its surroundings are definitely photogenic. Many music videos were filmed in Krešimir's city or nearby, and the same goes for the rest of the county. The most watched Croatian film of all times „Kako je počeo rat na mom otoku“ as well as „Svećenikova djeca“ (both directed by Vinko Brešan from Šibenik) were filmed nearby – the first one in Minerska Bay, and the second on the island of Prvić.


Citizens of Šibenik like to say 'there’s no place on Earth like Šibenik!' Surely, you've heard that before, with another name at the end of the sentence, but when you hear it from a Šibenik resident or from someone who saw it at least once – you'd better believe it! Especially these days, when we're enjoying the view from recently renovated St. Michael's fortress.  

Built on a hill, centuries ago, between the sky and the sea, this is a place where Šibenik was born, the place where the first inhabitants built their homes overlooking the most beautiful view of the Channel of St. Anthony and the islands in the background. 

Michael is also the name of Šibenik' guardian angel therefore it comes as no surprise that the  fortress carries this name. Even Croatian kings, like Petar Krešimir IV, felt safe in the arms of this stone guardian. 


Its stones may be ancient, but contemporary Šibenik is nothing but old. It's like a newborn waiting to be discovered by the rest of the world. So if you want to see the city in all its glory, the best thing you can do is to 'hit the road' and climb up to the fortress. However, this might be a difficult task during high summer temperatures, but every drop of sweat will be worth your while.

During the 10-minute climb you'll realize it's true what they say about Šibenik – it's the place with the biggest number of steps on the Adriatic! The climb is a small adventure in itself, including the Old Town sights, meeting local people in their everyday routine or tourists like yourself, going up or down with smiles on their faces, satisfied with what they have seen.

Once you get at the top of the hill, once you enter the fortress, nothing else matters. Renovated and transformed, St. Michael's fortress has become a summer stage, but you need no music, film or any other program on the stage to enjoy the sheer beauty of the place. The view from the walls is what takes your breath away. And yes, once you’re up, remember, you have the whole city, the oldest and the most beautiful place on the Adriatic Sea right under your feet. 

Tickets are available at the entrance or in the City Museum. The price is 5 Euros for adults, 3 Euros for children (5-18) while children under 5 have free entrance. St. Michael's fortress is open every day from 9 am to 10 pm from June till September. 


Plan your travel to Šibenik - central part of Adriatic coast

Your guide to travelling to Šibenik by train, plane, car or coach. Learn about connections, needed time, prices...


TRAIN – Šibenik has a rail connection to Zagreb, the capital of Croatia 

PLANE – There are two close airports (Zadar and Split) which offer year-round flights as well as budget flights in high season

COACH – excellent connections with the capital as well as other Croatian towns

CAR – Highway from Zagreb to Šibenik (A1 - north to south direction) and highway from Rijeka to Šibenik (A6 - west to east direction)


If you ͗re thinking of visiting Šibenik here are some great tips on how to get there. You can get there by car, coach, train or plane. Located in the middle of the Adriatic, this town is simply a must destination. With its rich history and culture it is also a home of famous inventors, sculptors, artists, musicians, writers. It has a stunning coastline and is close to three national parks (Kornati islands, Krka waterfalls and North Velebit). 

The vast majority of the country’s visitors get to Croatia by car, which isn’t as surprising as it sounds when you consider that millions of visitors come from one of Croatia’s neighbouring or nearby countries! Each year, many millions of visitors drive across or down to Croatia by car from Italy, Germany, Austria, Hungary, and the Czech and Slovak Republics.

If you travel by car and come from the north, you have two possibilities. The A1 highway from the capital Zagreb which connects to highway from Ljubljana and Vienna s for the speedy ones. But if you fancy a slower ride, you can take the old road which will take a couple of hours more but you can visit the national park Plitvice and enjoy the beautiful sights. The A1 is a toll highway and the 300 km between Zagreb and Šibenik cost 154 kn if you ͗travel by car or 92 kn for a motorbike each way. When on the road there are two very important phone numbers to know: road assistance - 987 and all emergencies - 112.

In case you are coming from the west direction, again you can take the A6 highway which runs a few kilometres off the coast line. The A6 tolls are 187 kn for cars and 112 kn for motorbikes. Of course there is also an old slow road, “Magistrala”, which runs along the coast and offers breathtaking views. 

Getting there by coach is another option. Šibenik is well connected to Zagreb by quick bus routes that take up to 4.20 hrs and the ticket can cost between 145 and 180 kn each way.  You can save by buying a return ticket. There are also other coach connections to Rijeka, Split and Dubrovnik. Travelling by coach is a great opportunity to explore our beautiful country. The main bus station in Šibenik is located in the city centre, within a 5 minute walk from the Old Town.

If you are a train person, there are trains from Zagreb which has excellent connections to other European capitals. The train trip is a great opportunity to get to know less known regions of Lika and Gorski Kotar and have stunning views of the Velebit mountain range. The Train station is located near the city centre, within a 10 minute walk to the Old Town.

If you want to get there by plane, you ͗ll be happy to know that there are two nearby airports. Both are approximately 60 km away. Zadar in the north and in Split in the south. It is very important to mention that both Zadar and Split have year-round flights offered by Croatian Airlines as well as low budget flights offered by Ryanair, Germanwings and other charter flights during high season. Ryanair offers great budget flights from 1st April for most destinations and from 1st July to 20th October for all destinations available in Europe. Both airports offer shuttle buses to main bus stations from which you can easily catch a bus to Šibenik. 

Parking in Šibenik – make it easy

In the city you can park in the street as well as in car parks. There are four parking zones with prices ranging from 3 to 10 kn per hour. It is possible to buy a day ticket. There are two big car parks in city centre, one in Zone B near the Train station and one in Zone A (Poljana), near the Old Town. Parking costs between 6 to 10 kn per hour – 10 kn in summer season.

You can park your car on the waterfront promenade in Šibenik, but max for 120 minute. It’s enough to put your luggage into your apartment or hotel room. Then we suggest to remove your car to some cheaper car parks like “Luka” (harbour, near bus station) or “TEF” near city beach Banj. Parking place for 24 hours is 20 kn (2,6 eur). Both places are about 10 minute walking from St.James Cathedral.

Do not leave your car in an illegal parking place, it will be towed. 

Prices for car parking

From 01. 06. till 01. 09. - 10,00 kn/hour, 

Rest of year 5,00 kn/hour

Maximum stay - 120 min.

Maps of car parks in Šibenik you can find here

Hopefully this will help you get to Šibenik safe, sound and soon. We look forward to seeing and guiding you there. For all additional help in accommodation offer, vehicle rental and sightseeing tours as well as planning individual tours please contact ŠIBENIK PLUS – your host in Šibenik region. 



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