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NEW YEAR 2019 - Let it be in Šibenik - Let it be different

When it comes to holidays, Šibenik has a lot to say in December. Cobbled – stone streets in the Old Town shine bright thanks to Christmas decoration, a magical holiday mood is on. 

As soon as we lit the candle on the Advent wreath, children know they can soon expect Saint Nicholas in their homes. Citizens of Šibenik, just like the rest of Croatia, are very religious, traditional so they celebrate St. Nicholas Day on December 6th. On St. Nicholas' Eve children, before they go to sleep, clean their boots or socks and place them at the door or windows waiting for that old man in white dress with long grey beard to fill them with gifts (usually sweets). In the morning, only the most obedient among them will discover sweets tucked into their shoes or socks, while the naughty ones will find the rod. They'll know what that means.

Speaking about tradition, there is one specific only for Šibenik (you won't find it celebrated anywhere else in Croatia) and it is called Proslava or Saturnalia. Our ancestry took it from old Romans. Saturnalia is best know as Roman festival in honor of Saturn begining on December 17th of Julian calendar and the celebration survived to these days, at least in Šibenik where it will be celebrated once again this year. 

In earlier years, our grandparents used to celebrate it with their family, friends and neighbors out in the streets – while singing Christmas carols, drinking rakija – traditional Croatian home made alcohol drink and eating fritule or fritters – traditional festive Croatian pastry or, if you wish, favorite Croatian Christmas treat. At midnight all the church bells are ringing.

Saturnalia is celebrated seven days before Christmas Eve and those two are a lot alike. On Christmas Eve families usually stay together at home all day, decorating Christmas tree, preparing traditional holiday dishes, wrapping gifts (once again, this time for everyone not only for children), singing carols in anticipation of Christmas Day on December 25th. 

Citizens of Šibenik, like the rest of the Roman Catholics, traditionally celebrate Midnight Mass which begins a little before midnight at the Cathedral of St. James.

Festivity program in December

Festivity program in December, in Šibenik named 'Adventura in Šibenik', fun or amusing than it is supposed to be this holiday season, makes people come out from their warm homes and makes them gather in the Old town. Ice skating rink at the Ivan Goran Kovačić Square is open every day for a holiday period. 

Just around the corner, at Robert Visiani Park, is opened unique Christmas market - Advent fair which will also take place every day during holiday season and will enjoy everyone, no matter if they are 2 or 72 years old. Fair in main town park is so romantic with all those seasonal  and artisan items from open-air stalls, live music, fun activities. It's definitely a must–see and a good source for Christmas presents. In the evening in the park are helding open air concerts of the famous Croatian bands and singers.

Advent fair is a holiday for all senses because there sell food and drinks likes fried sausages, sweet chestnuts and mulled wine. This is the only plastic-free Christmas fair in Croatia.

You've seen it in the rest of the Europe, now you have it in Šibenik where you can enjoy in your Christmas activities without freezing yourself. It can also be a great way to spend family time and get to know a bit more about citizens of Šibenik and their tradition of celebrating Christmas.



New Year's Eve

The craziest night of the year is yet to come but Šibenik can't wait for a New Year's Eve program to begin! With three stages in the old town you will not stop dancing.

Choose or make a mix: electronic dance music After Affair and Roof AW, Studio 54 and The Frajle, DJ Kiril Djaikovski.

Take a look on the program and locations. And have a great time in Šibenik. Happy New Year!!!






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