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Saturday, 12 October 2013 14:53

Šibenik won Tourism Oscar

Juraj Dalmatinac (Giorgio da Sebenico) strolls the streets of Šibenik again

In this new virtual time where people always have their phones and tablets in hand, an innovative new application for tourists has appeared.

This project was developed by Croatian innovators from Momentum Studio and DSP Studio. The owner of the idea was Matija Bumbak from Šibenik.

This virtual 3D application won first place in the prestigious world competition in tourism "Ulysses" in the category of research and development. Experts say that award is Oscar in Tourism.... After 540 years Juraj Dalmatinac, sculptor and architect, strolls again in front of his masterpiece.   The Cathedral of Saint James is one of the most recognizable cultural and historical monuments of Šibenik. Since the year 2000 the Cathedral is part of the UNESCO World Heritage List. 

Since recently Juraj, the architect, can guide you through the old town and the cathedral.  All you need  is a smartphone or a tablet and stand in front of Juraj's statue in a marked place, install the application and direct your phone camera towards the AR location. Then Juraj appears and helps you explore the town of Šibenik.  Besides Croatian, he can also speak English and Japanese. It is very important to mention that the application is free. So join other thrilled tourists and stroll the streets of Šibenik and take a picture with Juraj, the "real" Dalmatian.


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