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Šibenik Plus - Tourist Agency and Travel guide for Šibenik region

Why should you not miss Šibenik plus?

Šibenik plus was created from an idea that beauties of Šibenik area should be closer to all visitors and tourists. Also, every visitor should have one point where they can get as more information as possible that will help them with their decision on why to visit Šibenik.

Once they are here, they will never truly leave as they will take a little piece of this city, unforgettable memories, photos, scents and moments with them… and they will be full of energy that will make them better and make them come back to Šibenik. 

Šibenik Plus is a receptive tourist agency and a tourist punkt on Šibenik promenade, on the way to Šibenik Dolac and city beach Banj, in a beautifully and friendly decorated office with address Obala palih omladinaca 7, next to St. Dominic church, 100 meters from St. James Cathedral

We will be more than happy to welcome you in our office to give you all information you need in order to make your travel more complete and safer, to give you different brochures, guides, accommodation possibilities, transfers, tours. We will also inform you about different festivals and events in Šibenik and Šibenik region. We will be able to provide you with tickets for them or take you to beautiful places you should not miss if you are traveling in Šibenik Region. 

Šibenik Plus is also a souvenir and gift shop that offers authentic hand-made souvenirs made by craftsman from Šibenik County, chosen to be a part of the beautiful memories you will take home. 

Šibenik Plus is a touristic portal that contains different touristic offering of Šibenik County and is administrated daily in order to offer as many information as possible about all advantages of travelling to Šibenik area

                                                                                                                                        We are looking forward to your visit! 

 Our services:

  • City and County information – official + unofficial
  • Accommodation: hotels + hostels + private accommodation
  • Tours and sightseeing of the city: standard + unique tours
  • Advices for tourists: tips + tricks
  • Recommendations + ticketing service for events
  • Rentals: rent-a-car, bike, scooter, taxi, boat + transfers
  • Authentic gifts + local souvenirs