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Place to see - A spectacular fortress of Saint Michael in Šibenik

Citizens of Šibenik like to say 'there’s no place on Earth like Šibenik!' Surely, you've heard that before, with another name at the end of the sentence, but when you hear it from a Šibenik resident or from someone who saw it at least once – you'd better believe it! Especially these days, when we're enjoying the view from recently renovated St. Michael's fortress.  

Built on a hill, centuries ago, between the sky and the sea, this is a place where Šibenik was born, the place where the first inhabitants built their homes overlooking the most beautiful view of the Channel of St. Anthony and the islands in the background. 

Michael is also the name of Šibenik' guardian angel therefore it comes as no surprise that the  fortress carries this name. Even Croatian kings, like Petar Krešimir IV, felt safe in the arms of this stone guardian. 


Its stones may be ancient, but contemporary Šibenik is nothing but old. It's like a newborn waiting to be discovered by the rest of the world. So if you want to see the city in all its glory, the best thing you can do is to 'hit the road' and climb up to the fortress. However, this might be a difficult task during high summer temperatures, but every drop of sweat will be worth your while.

During the 10-minute climb you'll realize it's true what they say about Šibenik – it's the place with the biggest number of steps on the Adriatic! The climb is a small adventure in itself, including the Old Town sights, meeting local people in their everyday routine or tourists like yourself, going up or down with smiles on their faces, satisfied with what they have seen.

Once you get at the top of the hill, once you enter the fortress, nothing else matters. Renovated and transformed, St. Michael's fortress has become a summer stage, but you need no music, film or any other program on the stage to enjoy the sheer beauty of the place. The view from the walls is what takes your breath away. And yes, once you’re up, remember, you have the whole city, the oldest and the most beautiful place on the Adriatic Sea right under your feet. 

Tickets are available at the entrance or in the City Museum. The price is 5 Euros for adults, 3 Euros for children (5-18) while children under 5 have free entrance. St. Michael's fortress is open every day from 9 am to 10 pm from June till September. 


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